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Historical Hiroshima - Kyoto - Tokyo

€ 2,882

7D | 6N

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Experience the vibrant and bustling streets of Tokyo, indulge in the peaceful and calming forests of Kyoto, and uncover a profound sense of peace and hope in the poignant tale of Hiroshima.


  • Starts at EUR 2,882 per pax


  • August 2023 - March 2024 (Every Monday Departure)


Day 1

  • Arrival at Tokyo

  • Transfer to hotel by coach (shuttle bus)

  • At 1830H - Meet with Tour Guide

  • Visit Shinjuku District (via metro with tickets included) and see the crowds of people who use this modern and efficient collective transport system. Shinjuku is one of the most important nightlife districts

  • Dinner at Momo Paradise

  • Return to hotel (via metro with tickets included) with Tour Guide

Day 2

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • 5-hour trip with Tour Guide to explore Tokyo City. This amazing city, with its hustle and bustle and extremely modern districts, coexist with quiet, peaceful areas.

  • Visit the Zojoji Temple to make a beautiful photograph of the Tokyo Tower. Pay attention to the hundred of Jizos, stone traditional protecting deities who guide us on our travels, give power to those who are weak (such as children) and those in dangerous places, and who are dressed including hats, robes, and windmills.

  • Visit the Junction of Shibuya, a junction that is said to be the most crowded in the world.

  • Visit The Meiji Temple which is dedicated to Emperor Meiji, his wife, and their spirits.

  • Visit the elegant street of Omotesando

  • Visit the most beautiful Imperial Palace and the Gardens

  • Visit the famous Nijubashi Bridge

  • Visit the district of Akihabara, the “electric town” with icons from the popular Japanese Manga and Anime culture, and then see Kokugikan, the Sumo stadium, home of this Japanese sport.

  • Visit the Buddhist temple of Sensoji, the oldest and most important temple in Tokyo, with its 55-meter-high pagoda.

  • Free time at the traditional commercial street of Nakamise in the district of Asakusa

  • Lunch at Aoimarushin

  • Return to hotel

  • Free Time from Afternoon to Evening *With less than 5 passengers, the city tour will be done by a tourist bus "Hop On-Hop Off" bus that passes through the most interesting parts of Tokyo, which passengers can hop off, visit the site of their choice and then hop on the next bus.

Day 3

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Ride Bullet Train to Kyoto

  • Arrived in Kyoto after almost 500 km in just over two hours, more or less. The city, which was the capital of Japan between 794 and 1868 is also the home to the Imperial Court. During World War II the city was the only major Japanese to escape the bombardments, and so it still preserves its wealth of artistic heritage; the famous protocol restricting greenhouse gas emissions was signed in Kyoto in 1997.

  • Visit the marvelous Shinto Shrine of Fushimi Inari, the Imperial Palace, and Kinkakuji temple, “the golden pavilion” and its wonderful gardens.

  • Visit Gion, a busy traditional quarter famous for its Geisha.

  • Free time

Day 4

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Visit Nara and Todaiji, a magnificent Buddhist temple built in 752, which has a giant Buddha and where passengers can take photos and touch and feed the deer that wander through the park.

  • Lunch at Ajiru

  • Visit Horyuji Buddhist temple, a World Heritage Site that includes a seminary, monasteries, and temples. Its main pagoda temple is one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world and is the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan and is an important place of worship.

  • Travel to Osaka via bus, a modern city (Japan's second city), and arrive in the evening

  • Visit Dotonbori, a colorful district filled with nightlife.

Day 5

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Visit Himeji and its immense complex that shows the architecture of Japanese castles. (*The queues to enter the castle are often very long. In certain cases, the tour operator only recommends a visit to see only the gardens.)

  • Lunch at La Viena

  • Visit Korakuen in Okayama, one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan, with its lakes, waterfalls, and traditional teahouses.

  • Visit the Shinto Shrine of Kibitsu-Jinja where the God Kibitsuhiko-no-Mikoto is venerated. It is also the origin of the legend of Momotaro, a symbol of Okayama Prefecture with unique architecture with a corridor of 360 meters long.

  • Free time at Okayama

Day 6

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Visit Kurashiki, a city with a very well-preserved historical center. Time for a stroll in this charming place with its atmosphere from the past.

  • Visit Hiroshima, a city sadly known for the atomic bomb that fell on it in 1945 and which leveled the city.

  • Visit the Peace Memorial, the Dome of the Bomb, and the impressive Museum of Peace.

  • Visit the island “where men and gods live together” in the sanctuary and temple of Itsukushima, dedicated to the guardian of the seas, built partially over the sea.

  • Return to our hotel in Hiroshima.

  • Dinner *Note: The order of the visits in Hiroshima may vary without affecting their content.

Day 7

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Transfer to the train station to take the bullet train to Tokyo. It takes four hours to travel the 800 kilometers between both cities.

  • Arrival in Tokyo at around 1400H


  • Europamundo General Services: Travel by bus with English speaking guide, basic travel insurance, hotel, and breakfast buffet.

  • Includes arrival transfer

  • City tour in Tokyo and Kyoto

  • Evening transfer: Shinjuku, Traditional Quarter Gion , Dotonbori in Osaka

  • Ticket admission: Metro, Zojoji Temple, Meiji Temple, Sensoji Temple, Fushimi Inari, Imperial Palace, Kinkakuji Temple, Todai-ji Temple, and Horyu-ji Temple. , Castle, Korakuen Gardens, Itsukushima Temple, Peace Museum in Hiroshima

  • Ferry: Hiroshima - Miyajima

  • High-speed train: Tokyo - Kyoto, Hiroshima - Tokyo

  • 3 Lunch meals are included in Tokyo, Nara, and Himeji

  • 2 Dinner meals are included in Tokyo and Hiroshima


  • Roundtrip Airfare

  • Japan Visa

  • Departure Airport Transfer

  • All other travel components not specified

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